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Why You Need a Professional to Do a Building Inspection Before You Buy

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In times past, many people buying homes bought them without making preliminary inspections before settling for it. Sometimes they took the word of the homeowner or realtor in charge of selling the house and moved in as soon as they bought it. They eventually are faced with faults and problems in the house that they would have spotted had an inspection been carried out prior to packing in. Today, getting a home inspection before buying a house is a no brainer. However, it is still amazing how people are still stuck with the old ways of accepting just what the realtors say. Often times youíll hear people say, “but the realtor said…” What they fail to understand is that what the realtor says are just words that cannot be used against them unlike if it had been in proof of writing. For any other buyer, a realtor would work but for you, but you need more that just reassuring words. Realtors get paid to sell. They are expected to be nice, after all no one wants to buy from a rude person but in truth they know as much as is enough to make you dole out your cash. If you are looking for a reputed electrician for your building inspection in Victoria, we recommend – Rutherford Electrical Geelong – Victoria.

Realtors are mostly sales people, They are not as skilled or as knowledgeable regarding a property as builders or engineers, architects and inspectors. If you can take your broken down car to the mechanic, then there is no reason why an inspector should not also see your house. Today there are numerous building inspection companies in Melbourne and many placed around Australia and the world that you can choose from. Most realtors will suggest one for you. You could stick with their recommendation or look for something better for yourself. I say better because these professional home inspectors you search for yourself are those that will almost always give you a quality, unbiased inspection that way.

A good home inspector should be able to carry out the inspection within a short time. The inspector will not have to cut through walls to find accessible spaces. Professional inspectors most times easily locate places where things are awry as they feel it, places such as wood surfaces that could have pests eating away at it, although this are mostly handled by professional inspectors that carry out pest inspection in Melbourne along with their normal services. They are trained to spot faults that may not be visible to unskilled individuals like you. They will put this item in their report, for you to check it further and see how it can be fixed. Their inspections usually start from the homes exterior like roofing, gutters, site grading, painting, windows, foundation walls  to within the house where windows are checked for condition of the glasses, cracks in the walls, doors that make creaky noises or do not close properly, sagging ceilings or floors, electrical fittings, faucets and bath fixtures, kitchen appliances and overall general condition and so on.

They proceed to the basement to check for water mold stains, cracks in foundation walls, state of the heating system, condition of support posts and so on. They could also check for the boiler or the furnace. If the furnace burner is burning properly, if there are leaking pipes around, or if there are covers for electric boxes. Sump pumps are used by millions of homes and so the inspector will also check to see if yours are in good condition and most especially how often it is used. Either for emergency purposes or on a daily basis.

At the end of the inspection, a professional inspector will provide a well written report devoid of unbiased representations within a day or two. This type of people give you what it is that has been found because they have no interest in your property or your choice of it , therefore, they will give you all the details you need to know in all honesty. The inspector gets paid upfront regardless of what decision you take at the end.

A pre purchase building inspection in Melbourne is very vital before you purchase a house. You need to be totally assured that you are buying a house that does not have structural defects or technical faults as the case may be. It is just like test driving before buying. Older houses will usually have most of its items outdated and so changes could be required. A good and proper inspection will ensure you avoid having to spend on renovations and restructurings after spending so much to get the house. Based on my experiences I think BB Building Inspections – Melbourne is a good company to get your inspection done. Learn more about them here.

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