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Storage Racks Is Great Portable Storage Space Solutions

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Storage racks and shelving systems keep materials, tools and other supplies neat and accessible. A variety of rack styles and configurations are available to fit many applications. Filing cabinets, pegboard and slotwall shelving, storage bin racks, and modular units all can be customized for individualizing storage needs. Materials, tools, and supplies may need to be stored in a secure, efficient manner for easy retrieval and access. Storage racks and shelving systems are a simple solution that keeps your workplace neat and organized.

Storage Racks

Many types of storage racks are available to store materials. Materials can be stored on the floor or top of a rack system. There are storage racks designed with a number of compartments that are connected to each other and to a main body. Most storage racks are made of steel to provide strength and durability. They are used in a wide variety of applications including automotive, construction, electronics, and communications.

Wire mesh is one of the most versatile forms of warehouse storage. It can be formed into various shapes and sizes and can be customized to fit any application. Metal wire mesh can also be laminated to provide a smooth surface and protective insulation. It is also available in various thicknesses to accommodate varying loads. It is an inexpensive way to optimize floor space.

One of the most efficient warehouse storage racks is the roll-on/roll-off pallet rack system. It consists of a flatbed semi-recessed pallet rack, stacked on a hydraulic boom. The boom raises and lowers the racks according to the weight capacity of the load being carried. The flexible interlocking webbing between the racks allows the stack height to be adjusted as needed for the greatest loading capacity.

Steel racks are used for storing heavy items that would otherwise be difficult to lift. The rack supported by steel frame is more stable than the pallet rack system and allows for secure stacking. Stainless steel racks are affordable and long lasting. They must be able to withstand tremendous loading pressure. Some racks are fabricated with reinforced steel wire frame for extra support and strength.

There are two major types of warehouse racks: selective racking and gravity wall racking. Selective racking is composed of individually controlled racks made of either wire mesh or stainless steel. They are assembled in a frame with a forklift truck positioned above the assembly. As the racks are assembled, the forklift continues to move up and down the racks to transport the pallets to the assembly point. This type of racking offers the best density and load capacity.

Gravity walled racks use interlocking metal beams supported by a fixed frame. These racking systems require extensive construction and manual labor. It is most often seen in distribution warehouses. It offers the best density and load capacity and is the heaviest of the three varieties of pallet rack systems.

There are many types of pallet flow racks. The purpose and application depend on the application. Carton flow racks allow for low-level loading and rapid access to selected areas. Some carts allow for heavy loads and are suitable for storage of perishable goods. Many of these carton flow racking systems also have a specialized floor mounted forklift to assist in the transportation of pallets and other items.

For general use, corner racks are designed for light, quick loading. It can be used in a variety of applications including long, narrow shelves or in conjunction with other pallet rack systems to increase overall storage space. This type of rack increases inventory accessibility and reduces warehouse floor space. Corner racks are also easy to install and maintain. They are sometimes referred to as “shop-vac” systems because they function as a point of sale for products. When purchasing this type of racking, it is important to determine whether or not it can support a heavy duty forklift.

High Density Racking Systems, also called high density aisles, are used to store liquids, greases, chemicals, and other perishable items. This type of racking system is commonly found in food service centers, clinics, hospitals, and office buildings. This type of storage rack system requires extensive construction. Because the items being stored may be hot or cold, this type of storage rack system must be frequently monitored to ensure optimum temperature conditions are maintained. When the racking system is properly installed, it requires very little space and is virtually maintenance free.

Another storage space saving tip is to always use the first-in-last-out (FIFO) method when determining who purchases the goods being stored. The FIFO method makes it easy to stay on budget by purchasing the most important items first. If an item is purchased first, then other items can be purchased as needed. Many times, the cost of a specific item can be met from extra purchases made using first-in-last-out sales technique.

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