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Stone Polishing – The Steps Involved In The Process

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Damaged, worn and dull stone floors can be made to look attractive by employing stone polishing techniques. The original shine of stone floors can effectively be restored with the help of stone polishing. The process can transform dull looking stone floors and give them an incredible finish. However, in order to restore stone floors, it is advisable to find professionals. Few steps of the stone polishing process include:

Facing the challenges

While opting for stone polishing in sydney, it is advisable to take into consideration the fact that stone polishing tasks normally involve certain challenges. It is important to address these challenges appropriately. Skilled stone polishing professionals are generally well equipped for handling such challenges. They can hence produce optimum results.

The preparation

The polishing process requires a considerable amount of preparation. Before the process begins, it is essential to ensure that all topical and wax coatings are removed. This can easily be done by using specialized product formulations and special machinery. The rinsing process removes the residue and prevents it from drying on the stone tiles. Removing the coatings from the stone tiles prepares them for the next process.


The next step involves grinding the stone tiles. Scratched tiles may need to be subject to the Diamond grinding process which involves usage of specialized equipment. The process involves stripping back the stone surface and ensures delamination and removal of any remaining coatings. If the stone tiles are not damaged or scratched, this step may not be required.


The next step involves the polishing process. In this process, the stone is further ground using diamond grinders. This results in a reflective and smooth finish. During this process, you may state your preference regarding the type of finish required.

Sealing and impregnating

The next step involves sealing and impregnating. The sealers or impregnators may be chosen after assessing the individual requirement of a stone floor. It is important to ensure that the application is applied in even light coats. It is also advisable to allow sufficient drying time between two subsequent coats. High quality impregnators usually last for a good period of time.


The last step involves maintaining the newly polished tiles. Special stone soaps may be used for cleaning the tiles. The soaps also help in removing the grout and maintaining the seal between the tiles.

Stone polishing can transform the look of your stone tiles. In order to achieve good results from the process, it is recommended to choose specialists for completing the stone polishing and stone restoration process. You can Contact StoneWiz in Melbourne for all types of stone polishing tasks. The skilled professionals of the company can ensure clean floors that can retain their shine for a considerable period of time. The experts may also suggest techniques and products for maintaining the polished stone floors.

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