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Planning Guide Before Installing Commercial Fit Outs

Posted on Mar 30, 2015 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Whenever there is scope for shifting to a new office or renovating an existing one with new commercial fit outs, it’s very important to plan in advance the requirements of the users. The company may be keen to give benefits to its employees and the visitors or clients which may turn negative due to ill planned or mis-planned fit outs. The best way is to ask the users before installation. There are several factors which should be considered before installing any kind of fit out to prevent future problems arising in the long term.

There are some key factors which should be take care of before installing commercial fit outs as explained below:-

  1.  Available Area – It’s very important to know the available space for various fit outs and their arrangements. Before installing any equipment, one should know the space available for its accommodation and one should also consider the other fit outs to be installed in the same space. Hence, it becomes utmost important to accurately define the usable and the vacant space for fit outs.

2.  Structural Arrangements – One should be completely aware of the structural arrangements in the area which can create trouble when not used properly. Some kinds of structure have only limited options to choose the fit outs and these cause space constraints with non complementary fit outs. Thus, calculating whole area is not the complete solution until one gains benefit from the structural design of the space available.

3.   User requirements – It is very important to know the requirement of the actual users so that the fit outs may be designed / customized and installed to their specifications. The time spent on seats, floor area, conference room, lobby, etc is extremely important for installing the fit outs. Some offices have employees staying in field all the time while other ones have complete presence of the staff. Some offices require constant movement within the office. Thus, these things should be considered before installation.

4.   Light, Heat & Sound Conditions – Some offices are fortunate to have natural light while the same may become disturbing for others. It is necessary to understand the light, sound & heat conditions in the area so that the fit outs may be placed accordingly. It even varies the quantity of ACs, Heaters, Ducts, etc and adds to the cost of the purchase & maintenance.


4.   Safety Equipments – This calls for all kinds of fire fighting equipments and arrangements which may vary with the laws of the land and usage of other equipments or insurance providers. The company has to understand the needs of safety and take precautionary measures for such devices.

6.   Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing Systems – It becomes extremely important to understand the EMP as the same can’t be changed once the setup is done or calls for heavy breakage, loss and interference in workplace.


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