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How to Retune Your Sleep Hygiene for 2017 with a Futon

Posted on Jan 30, 2017 by in Home furnishing | 0 comments

Sleep hygiene doesn’t only mean changing of bed sheets regularly or getting rid of your makeup and washing your face, it means practicing good habits that can give you great sleep every night. It also means a mattress that allows you to sleep deeply and keeps it continuous.

If you ever had a chance to visit Japan, you would understand the significance of sleep more clearly. For Japanese it is a good quality sleep on a quality futon mattress that will keep you healthy and active for the rest of the day routines. And if you’ve never seen a futon (it’s nothing like the American mattress, it’s time you find out about it and make your purchase.

The traditional Japanese futon bed is the key factor in bringing good quality sleep. An authentic Japanese futon is handmade by skilled craftsmen containing 100% cotton, while the futons available now also come in silk and other fillings that match the comfort level of Americans. There are numerous health benefits of the traditional futon mattress apart from giving a complete sleep.

We will come to the discussion of futon health benefits and how it guarantees hygiene, but before that let’s give you some useful tips for the best possible sleep hygiene. The behavior and hygiene sleep guidelines you should follow are:

Keep Your Sleep Practice Regular

Just how you set your daily or weekly schedules, a sleep schedule in the similar manner will help you regulate the sleep pattern and your body also trains itself accordingly. Sleep expert’s advice on keeping regular sleep hours to achieve the maximum benefits. The brain starts programming the internal body clock for getting used to the set routine.

Setting your own bedtime helps in progressing you into sleep at the set time routine. But it’s equally important to choose the routine that suits your best – forcing yourself to adjust to one will do no benefit. Generally, adults require a duration of six to nine hours of sleep every night for a normal body functioning and system. Understand what can calm you and can clear your mind, maybe a warm bath or reading a book?

Keep Yourself Healthy

Your New Year goal should also mean improving your health if you’re in a bad shape. We did mention above that a futon has health benefits. Well, certainly, futon mattress has significant health benefits but it’s important for you to stay healthy as well. Good health and good mattress ensures good sleep, and this triangle is very adhesive linked to one another.

So how does a futon promote good sleep and health? Well, futon as know, in general, is firm and not soft like the regular American mattresses. There are a number of studies and of course the centuries of sleeping experience of Japanese locals that a firm mattress as a futon mattress is actually the best kind of bed to sleepover.

Futon mattress keeps the body in correct posture and keeps it aligned correctly to the rest of the body parts. Thus sleeping on a futon will eliminate the issues of a stiff neck or a bad back. The presence of cotton fibers in a futon allow proper circulation of air, keeping it sweat and damp free plus allowing to breathe freely. The futon care routine is a must-follow which keeps futon free from dust and allergens. So, those that suffer from skin allergies and problems stay healthy and free.

Apart from using a futon bed for a perfect sleep routine and health, it’s essential to eat healthy. Let’s bring Japanese into this as well. Have you even noticed how healthy, fresh, and super active they look and are? The key to understanding the affect of nutrition on brain chemistry that promotes good sleep is: Tryptophan, Serotonin, and Melatonin. Eat well and exercise every day.

Right said, “Sometimes sleeplessness can be caused simply because we have not been active enough during the day”. So, along with all other known benefits of exercise, you can also achieve a proper and a very well deserved rest by the end of the day.

Manage Your Space

The Japanese way of living promotes minimalism and this does not only enhance activities of oneself but the environment as well. A peaceful and calm space with minimal clutter is the key element for an amazing sleep. Remove the clutter from your room, add a good quality futon in your room (anywhere you want since it’s easily manageable), keep the room temperature normal, open up the window and allow proper ventilation. There’s nothing like a good bed at the end of the day!

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