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Designer Tiles for a New Bathroom

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An elegant bathroom is what everyone craves for, especially when designing a whole new vicinity of your livelihood. Some might argue over my calling a bathroom the “epitome of pleasant appearance” but no one would actually deny that it is indeed the most suitable place to beautify and accentuate one self. It’s not just about putting on the best dress for the evening but to apply each make-up impeccably to the point of sublime beautification.

Firstly if you’re looking for flooring material make sure it’s of somewhat abraded texture or at least semi honed marble. No matter how much you try to keep it dry there will be sudden spills every now and then. Often a good design could be created out of mix-matching ceramic tiles with marble or other varieties of tiles.

How?? Let’s have a brief idea about it…


Counter-tops should always be attractive, sheen and shimmer is what highlights anything so always make sure to choose polished marble or glossy ceramic tiles variety. Ceramic tiles having myriad style options and being easy to maintain are best suited for small bathrooms, they are comparatively pocket friendly as well. Another trick to reduce the burdens of upkeep is to have the area relatively small; for instance counter top with 6” to 10” extension on both sides of wash-basin is preferable. Covering the entire stretch of the wall with counter-top makes it look cumbersome as well makes it tough as far as regular self-cleaning is concerned.


It is always good to have contrasting designs in shower walls; matte designs are preferred as that is someplace where the minimum light exposure looks cool. Choose from blue to green variety to add aqua vibe. For glass shower cases a dark green variety of marble also looks elegant, without the finishing  polish it imparts the moss textured appearance. Light golden ceramic tiles suits the bath-tub settings, it is an impeccable vintage styling that will never run out of people fondness.  Another hip modern day pattern is of out-lining the wall with ceramic chips, with mono-colour tiles in between, one can also select minimal design light colour tiles. One more appealing tile design that is pretty sporadically being used in modern day bathroom styling is the big picture. Calm scenery to imaginative wall art, could be anything you’re fond of; perhaps a medieval pencil sketch.


The same chip-lets pattern can be created as mirror borders that give a firm appeal but choose from bright colours. Dark slate tiles in rectangle bricked design matches up fine with maple wood floor. Granite or white marble is a timeless classic and suits pretty well with any type of tile settings be it vintage or modern abstract styling. Glass have always dominated the décor of bathrooms so just in case you’re fond of admiring your reflection and plan to imply glass settings choose tiles in shades of brown for flooring or pink marble . Get a few shades of same design tiles and flip-flop them on your wall, can also adapt the chip-let effect with couple of darker shade of same colour. With ample light your bathroom is ready to dazzle and to assist you to look your best.

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